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Asia International Marine School Limited

A driving course is offered in Hong Kong and China

AIMS Asia International Marine School Limited provides professional instructors to train professionals for the yachting industry. The Institute has an extensive network of contacts in Hong Kong and China, as well as an extensive pool of talents in the industry, laying a solid foundation for quality service.

The Institute offers a wide range of courses including Hong Kong Pleasure Vessel Operator Grade 1 Certificate, Hong Kong Pleasure Vessel Grade II Operator Certificate Course, Hong Kong Class 2 Certificates of Competency (Marine Engineer Officer), etc., all taught by experienced instructors.

Since its opening, the Academy has trained a number of outstanding students in Hong Kong and China, who have successfully obtained their licenses and become professionals in the yachting industry.

AIMS 亞洲國際遊艇駕駛學院 : 船牌, 船牌課程, 考船牌, 學揸船, 駕駛船牌, 一級船牌, 二級船牌, 二級遊樂船牌課程, 揸船, 租船, 租遊艇, 租快艇, 自駕遊艇, 自駕快艇, 二級遊艇牌, 遊艇牌照, 遊艇課程, 學船

Nelson Chow

亞洲國際遊艇駕駛學院 開辦中港駕駛課程 ,學院已在中港兩地培訓了一批優秀的學員,成功考取牌照,成為遊艇業專才。

Teaching Features

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Mock oral test

professional instructor teaching oral test techniques

Mock questions

a large number of questions for practice and reference

Small class teaching

easier to ask questions; direct communication; on-the-spot answers

Group discussion

interaction, examination, expression of opinions, mutual encouragement.

Learn to steer? enjoy a boat trip? call AIMS!

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