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China Yacht Driving License

Express 45-day first-class car to hand unlimited driving yacht.

Professional Skills for Life


Mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau are planning regional cooperation for the Yacht Visit Scheme, if you have a Chinese yacht driving license, you will be able to travel in the three places, enjoy the fun of driving a boat and have professional skills for life!

China Yacht Driving License. 60-hour course in two parts

中國駕照課程: 擁有一個中國遊艇駕駛牌照,便可暢遊三地。

I. Rules and techniques of navigation.

Touch avoidance technology.


Safe handling and water survival skills.

Emergency response and handling.

II. Actual operation

The start and close of the mechanical propulsion power.

Berthing and departure from piers, buoys.

Parking operation: Approach and leave the mooring area.

Mooring rope cable, snake navigation mark.

Common use of rope knots, sails, sails and cables.

Operate and use offshore signals.

How to use high-frequency wireless phones.

The course includes a shuttle bus service between Hong Kong and China

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