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Hong Kong Pleasure Vessel Grade II Operator Certificate Course

7-hour course tuition HK$2,900

Quickly test the license, Learn to steer a boat, and travel by boat at any time

Self-driving yachts go out to sea, and harbor activities are fun

Many people learn the operation of a yacht and join the pleasure vessel course to have professional skills, enjoy water sports and the quality of life. Once you have the driving license, you can experience the fun of self-driving boating, delight in nature and the sea, gathering with your friends and love, and even develop a boat driving career path! It’s a good chance for you!

香港二級遊樂船操作課程 : 快速考牌、學揸船,隨時自駕出海遊 自駕遊艇出海玩,港灣活動樂趣多

I. Theoretical knowledge

Sailing and boating awareness.

International signals include flags, beacons, lights, and sound numbers.

Emergency response and handling.

Berthing and departure from the dock, buoys.

Parking. Mooring rope cable, rudder navigation mark.

Operate and use offshore signals.

How to use high-frequency wireless phones.

Use of fire safety measures for ships. Turbine.

II. Engineering Knowledge

The start and close of the mechanical propulsion power unit.

The understanding of turbines and machinery.

Safe handling and water survival skills.

Teaching characteristics

Remote Question Exercise : Open the question library so that students can practice or simulate exams online anywhere without having to go to the college in person , saving fares and time .

Small class teaching: Easier to ask questions, direct communication, that is, answers.

Panel discussion: Participants interact, study questions, express opinions, and encourage each other.

Practical training : In addition to experiencing driving pleasure, participants can also invite friends to accompany the training. The fastest 30 days successful a license !

【Practice first, Class later】

Real-time drills

Allow participants to experience sailing on a double-decker yacht at sea.

Learn the skills of berthing and sailing away from the dock.

Learn to steer? enjoy a boat trip? call AIMS!

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