Business Yacht

Business Yacht Sighteeing tour out to sea

Sightseeing on a yacht with a beautiful view of Victoria Harbour A new experience of business communication, experience the fun of self-driving boating.

Business banquets, lunches, dinners, etc.

AIMS specially launched the “Business Yacht Sightseeing Tour”, provides business car picks up, seafood catering and self-driving boating etc. You can enjoy the beautiful view of Victoria Harbour, yummy seafood and water sports to improve the relationship with your special guests. And it must be the best business opportunity at the sea to have a more private area for business cooperation!

  • Deep Bay Yacht Club Embarkation
  • Lamma Island Seafood Catering
  • Round-trip ship with meals 4 hours
  • Catering for 10 people
  • Even the business car 🚗 picks up a total of 6 guests, Causeway Bay to the yacht club one way.

Available from Monday to Sunday and Public Holidays

商務遊艇 出海觀光遊 : 遊艇船上觀光,遊覽維港美景,商務交流新體驗,體驗自駕遊艇樂趣

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